In House Medical Billing vs Outsourcing Medical Billing

Many healthcare providers are now turning to outsourced medical billing. But what are the pros and cons of in house medical billing and outsourcing? Is there really any difference?


Healthcare providers like to have control over every aspect of their business. In house billing can provide providers with this control. It allows you to pick your own staff and run every part of the billing process. This could be a disadvantage to outsourcing medical billing. However, many providers do not completely understand the billing process and hiring their own staff can actually be a disadvantage! These staff may not be the best at what they do, and this can lead to a number of issues including getting caught up in red tape and decreased revenues.


When it comes to your time, outsourced medical billing is the clear winner. Outsourced medical biller like One Source Medical Billing will take control of every aspect of the billing process. Outsourced providers like One Source Medical Billing hire the most experienced staff who are fast and efficient at what they do. In house staff are a lottery pick at best. If you don’t understand the myriad of red tape around the system, it is incredibly difficult to know how well a member of staff will perform.

Jumping the Legal Hoops

In house medical billing is at a significant disadvantage to outsourcing when it comes to mediating the mountains of red tape associated with the billing process. In the past year alone codes have increased more than 3x. That massive increase in complexity is unrelenting and looks set to continue. In house medical billers often find it difficult to keep on top of all this paperwork. However outsourcing medical billing does not always have this problem. Our experienced staff work with multiple clients and bring experience from different healthcare providers.

Patients First

A massive upside to outsourcing medical billing is that you get to focus on the most important thing to your business, the patients. Not having to deal with the hassle of hiring in house staff or chase up non payers means you have more time to do focus on the patient’s. This is the bottom line of any business, and more time spent with patients always equals a better business.

In conclusion, whilst outsourcing your medical billing may relinquish some control, the benefits significantly outweigh the small downsides. As a health care provider, outsourcing means you get more time to focus on the patients and less time spent dealing with irritating legal hoops. You are likely to find your revenue stream is faster and more constant. Overall, outsourcing to medical billers like One Source Medical Billing is the clear answer.