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One Source Medical Billing is a pioneering name amongst medical billing companies and serves as a one-stop solution for all medical billing requirements including coding, claims management, claims denials and collections. Comprehensive assistance and support in medical billing and reimbursement is our primary focus. We ensure that providers are paid in full for services rendered and medical office revenue cycles are hassle-free. Our expert team of coders efficiently assess clinical documentation and assign appropriate CPT/HCPCS billing codes and modifiers that support selected ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. Furthermore, our billing team assures all claims for reimbursement of services provided by medical providers are submitted to the relevant insurance company immediately and aggressively followed-up until full payments are rendered.

Every one of our clients, whether a small independent healthcare provider or large healthcare organization, is afforded the same high level of importance and receives the same level of dedicated industry leading services. Our expert staff will take care of your complete operation including fast submissions, claims management, appeals, payment clearance, constant reporting and most importantly – Continuous follow-up. This level of consistent staff support will result in receiving reimbursement up to 30% faster.



  • PM, Tiger, Query

  • Medisoft

  • Medtron

  • Lytec

  • eClinical Works

  • Next Gen

  • Kareo

  • Practice Suite

  • Enterprise,MyWay

  • Raintree

  • Medtopia

  • Ultra

  • Medisense

  • Denticon

  • Cerner

  • Dentrix,Perio Vision

  • Athenahealth

  • Greenway

  • MicroMD PM

  • Dolphin Management

  • Medware

  • Pacware

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