One Source Medical Billing: A one-stop Medical Billing Solution

When it comes to medical billing and consulting services in San Diego, California, One Source Medical Billing San Diego provides you with a comprehensive and flexible medical billing outsourcing solution.
Our company is dedicated to providing you with fast, efficient service while
increasing your revenues. Our business is based on the prerequisite of collecting on time and
removing the hurdles that lead to loss of income due to missing charges and underpricing.
Using the services of our medical billing company in San Diego means much more than having
someone submit claims on your behalf. Proper billing requires a deep financial understanding of
the practice and the operations involved in it. Our medical billing company has in-depth
knowledge, expertise, and outstanding medical business solutions that can be tailored to your
unique financial needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing to Us

So why should you outsource your medical billing in San Diego to One Source Medical Billing? There are a number of reasons.

  • Our medical billing company verifies insurance and generally offers a high collection rate. Claims are filed electronically, and payment is made in up to two weeks.
  • There are fewer errors and denials from insurance carriers, follow-up on all delinquent claims, and in-house billing costs are eliminated. The last include salaries, sick pay, vacation, workers’ compensation, medical benefits, payroll taxes, and many others.
  • Other benefits include customized monthly reports, 24/7 access to practice management accounts, EMR, ICD-10 readiness, and, ideally, timely and professional service.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of medical billing services to our valued clients, we masterfully handle all your billing, collections, as well as your existing debt so that you can keep your focus on providing care services to your patients. Our services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Coding Services
  • Medical billing solutions
  • Insurance verification
  • Physician credentialing
  • Indexing of medical record

How Our Medical Billing Solutions Work

We electronically process claims to all carriers that accept electronic submissions. If not, they
are sent on paper. Secondary claims are forwarded upon receipt of the EOB of the primary
ones. Claims that have not been paid for over a month are followed up on. Should an unpaid or
underpaid claim necessitate an appeal, our medical billing company resubmits it with the
required information and deals with all the necessary follow-up activities.

Full-service billing also includes producing patient statements on a daily basis. The company
issues monthly financial reports showing the different balances, charges, deposits, and

Our medical billing in San Diego carries out initial credentialing and recredentialing for each
one of your medical providers. We store applications for all insurance companies in its
database. All relevant documents, such as certification, current license, declaration pages,
and others, are completed and signed.

Affordable Medical Billing Consultants

We are one of the most affordable medical billing consultants in San Diego. With the changes in health care in the country, the demand for experienced medical billers has skyrocketed. So, it has become quite difficult to find an affordable medical provider. Our medical billing company offers you cost-friendly medical billing and collections.

Don’t worry, We have your savings calculated!

Our medical billing company in San Diego has arrived at exact data in terms of how much a provider may save if he outsources his medical billing. It’s about $600 a month just from not paying salaries. If you outsource it to our medical billing outsourcing company, you won’t be paying:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Sick Leave
  • Vacation Leave
  • Retirement Plan
  • Electronic Claims Submission Fee
  • Practice Management Software
  • Patient Statements
  • Deferred Compensation / 401k
  • Workers Compensation
  • Social Security, Medicare, State Unemployment
  • Supplies and Postage

If you choose not to outsource your medical billing, these businesses estimate you’ll be paying the following amounts for the items on the list above:

  • Medical Benefits – $82.50
  • Sick Leave – $66.00
  • Vacation Leave – $55.00
  • Retirement Plan – $86.00
  • Electronic Claims Submission Fee – approx. $30
  • Practice Management Software – $150.00
  • Patient Statements – approx. $30
  • Deferred Compensation / 401k – varying amounts
  • Workers Compensation – $27
  • Social Security, Medicare, State Unemployment – $220
  • Supplies and Postage – approx. $30

In total, it is estimated that you’ll save over $1,500.00 a month and this doesn’t even include what you’ll save from not paying additional in-house billing costs such as office space lease, computers, phone, fax, filing system, billing software and IT support, updates, training and so on.


Expert Medical Billing and Coding Solutions for Healthcare Providers

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Physician practices
  • Dental offices
  • Physical therapy practices
  • Mental health practices
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Home health agencies
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Laboratories
  • Radiology centers
  • Medical equipment suppliers
  • Hospice care providers
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Urgent care centers
  • Occupational therapy practices
  • Dermatology practices

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