You could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Let us do a FREE Practice Analysis and show you the reality.

How can we help your practice ?
  • The First step is for us to do a comprehensive FREE Practice Analysis, this will show you and us what is past due 60+, 90+, 120+, 180+ etc.
  • From the Practice Analysis, we will develop a roadmap and strategy to work with you to help your practice.
  • We have billing and coding experts for every specialty, which have an eye for detail, while aggressively working for you.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to expedite our clients’ reimbursement while delivering excellent service with great communication, so they can be free of financial worries and focus serving their patients.

If you’re not receiving weekly status reports, you might not have the right partner to
handle your billing.

Don’t just trust anyone with YOUR money !