How Outsourcing the Medical Billing Benefits the Doctor / Practice

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How can outsourcing your medical billing improve your practice?

Billing might seem, the last of your priorities, but can take up a significant amount of time and effort. The new ICD-10 has significantly increased the number of hoops medical billers need to jump through. Outsourcing your medical billing can remove this stress and put your patients back into focus.

Experts Can Provide Clearer Instructions

Under the New ICD-10 regulations, Doctors should have some awareness of medical coding. This can be difficult to facilitate with an in-house billing solution as your staff is so busy dealing with the new codes. At we can provide simple and clear instructions, that will help you with the billing procedure.

More Time For Patients

Every practice has one central role, to help patients.
Being snowed under with medical billing resubmissions and errors can really hinder this key goal. One can lose sight of the original reason, we practice health care in the first place.
An outsourced solution helps practitioners get back to what’s important, and not focus on medical billing at every step of the patient’s treatments. This facilitation works seamlessly, and will provide support and guidance at every step of the billing process.

Less Hassle/Less Stress

Many of our clients complain that practice management can spend days worrying about revenue streams caused by resubmissions and non payers. A slow revenue stream can really impact a small practice and the stress can be a real time waster. Outsourcing to eliminates this stress. We are aggressive at following up on non payers, where we can significantly increase your payment turn times. This puts you at ease, knowing experts are in control of your revenue stream.

In conclusion, there are three main ways that outsourcing your medical billing can significantly improve your practice. Number one, our experts can provide your Doctors with clear advice on mortality and death submissions, significantly decreased submission errors. Number two, you have more time for patients and can stop focusing on billing.

Number three, the management can stop stressing about non payers and slow revenue streams! In all, outsourcing has many many benefits and these are just three!

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Is Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Right For You?

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Many healthcare providers find medical billing, a simple and efficient way to decrease stress and increased revenue. If you have any of the problems below – outsourcing your medical billing may just be the solution to your in-house woes.

Confusing Red Tape

Have you ever found your in-house medical billing service tripping over themselves to understand the increasingly complex rules and regulations surrounding the industry? You aren’t alone. Hundreds of in-house medical billers struggle to keep up to date with the latest regulation. Take the recent update to ICD-10 as an example. Billing DX codes went from around 15 000 to a whopping 70 000. That’s a huge increase in complexity that only trained professionals with years of experience can understand. Incorrect codes can slow payments and decrease your revenue stream. Outsourced medical billing with doesn’t have this problem. Our experts work with multiple clients and take experiences from a multitude of practices, allowing them to have a detailed understanding of the system and its changes.

Loss of Focus

Many clients tell us they spend so much time worrying about collecting revenue that they often forget the most important issue, treating patients. Having to organize in-house medical billing can be a challenge at the best of times. It can take away from the most important part of your businesses focus – the patients and their care. If this sounds like something you struggle with, outsourcing your medical billing could be the solution. Our team of experts takes care of every facet of the billing process, letting you focus on what’s important.

Slow Payments

Billing carriers is a cumbersome process and errors can occur at many points in the process. Do you often find that there are errors in your payment posting that delay cash coming into your business? Many in-house providers are tripped up by the claims system and do not follow up aggressively. This can massively slow down payment time and down the line could result in cash flow issues. An outsourced service solves this. We know the system inside out and are excellent at payment posting. We also aggressively follow up all claims ensuring you get paid as fast as possible. Our one job is to keep your revenue stream flowing and ensure you get paid, as soon as possible. If slow payments are an issue for your business, medical outsourcing might be the solution for you.

Above are a few examples of the issues in-house billers face, and why outsourcing might be the solution that resolves these issues. If these sound like issues you face, contact us now.


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